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Grimsby Royal Dock

Operating Rules And Guidance For Small Craft

Operating Times – Royal Dock

Level period between 1 ½ hours before H.W. and the end of
level 10 minutes before H.W.

Contact the Royal Dock for penning authority/timing outside level period

In any event - do not leave your moorings without authority from royal dock master.

The above times are only a guide, for exact times please contact the Assistant Dock Master, Royal Dock Island.

Communications – Royal Dock

VHF radio channel 74 Call sign Grimsby Royal Dock
Telephone: 01472-359181 Ex 533 or 01472-263509
Mobile: 07970245677
Fax: 01472-242499

Grimsby and Cleethorpes Yacht Club, Union Dock.
Telephone 01472-356678 (moorings only available by prior arrangement)

Dock by-laws relevant to small craft
(The following are for guidance only and are published in a shortened form)

  1. No craft shall move into or out of the dock, lock or basin unless the Dock Master either verbally, or by signals exhibited for that purpose, give him permission to do so.
  2.  Small craft shall only moor at the appropriate marina except with the permission of the Dock Master or Fish Dock Island at Fish Dock.
  3. Small craft shall exhibit the correct lights (as per Collision Regulations) for the vessel of that type.
  4. All small craft shall be kept afloat, if any vessel sinks or appears to be sinking then the Dock Master should be informed with all possible speed.
  5. Any pollution within the dock should be reported to the Dock Master immediately.
  6. All craft should limit their speed to 4 knots.

Signal Lights Royal Dock

3 fixed lights (red) -Entry prohibited
3 fixed lights -Vessels may enter (green, white, green)

Other Matters

  • All small craft should navigate with care within dock waters as they are commercial docks and although care is taken, rubbish enters the dock waters, which may present a hazard to small craft. This rubbish may float or lay just below the surface.
  • Commercial shipping is handled before small craft traffic.
  • All small craft sailing to the river and beyond should carry at least the safety equipment recommended by Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) and the Humber Associated Clubs.
  • All small craft should carry sufficient number and lengths of mooring lines to safely moor in the locks at the lowest operating depth. All small craft shall make fast in the lock when locking in or out with two line on a bight unless given permission not to do so by the Lock head Supervisor.
  • Yachts shall not raise their sails nor have their sails raised within the dock, lock or basin unless permission is granted.
  • Small craft wishing to wait in Royal Dock Basin for the docks to pen shall contact Royal Dock before entering the basin and obtain advice where to moor.
  • Small craft should have their name exhibited clearly.
  • Small craft unable to contact Royal Dock through VHF radio should approach the basin with care and tie up on the east side of the basin and verbally inform the Dock Master of their arrival.
  • All craft must contact Royal Dock before transiting the Union Dock Cutting.
  • Any yacht with crew staying onboard overnight in GCYC mooring must contact Royal Dock.