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Operation Kraken

Project Kraken helps to protect the waters of the United Kingdom by providing a mechanism for reporting unusual activity or behaviour within the maritime environment, believed or suspect to be linked to acts or preparatory acts of terrorism

Project Kraken provides for the collation and assessment of all information and intelligence relating to such suspicious activity or behaviour in circumstances that could be linked to terrorist activity or acts of a preparatory nature.
Link: Humberside Police - Operation Kraken

How does Project Kraken work?

How does Project Kraken work?
The project provides a way in which people can report unusual activity or behaviour within the marine community – simply by calling on one of the specific contact numbers detailed below.

Whilst it is almost impossible to say with any certainty what a terrorist might look like, an individual’s activity or behaviour can become suspicious in the context of the location they are in. Likewise, the unexpected or unusual presence of a vessel or a particular cargo within a small port or marina might just cause reason for concern by those who live, work and relax in that particular environment on a regular basis.

How can you help?

Quite simply, to call Humberside Police, Crimestoppers or the National Anti-Terrorist hotline whenever you see any activity or behaviour that you feel is suspicious, and which may be connected with any preparatory acts of terrorism or criminal activity.

If you suspect it, report it.

Call one of the following:

Humberside Police: 101
Crimestoppers: 0800 555 111
The National Anti-Terrorist Hotline: 0800 789 321

Contact the Police immediately if you find:

  • Unusual boat movements late at night or early in the morning.
  • People being landed at unusual locations.
  • People not knowing about boat handling.
  • People with inadequate dress for sailing.
  • Boats moving around at night time with no navigational lighting.
  • RHIBS or small craft being loaded / unloaded at unusual times.
  • RHIBS or small craft being loaded / unloaded at unusual places.
  • Packages being transferred out at sea from larger boats.
  • Packages being transferred to waiting cars.
  • Strangers acting suspiciously within the marina.
  • Strangers wanting to hire boats.
  • Boats with extra fuel tanks.
  • Boats with above average crew for the size of boat.

If you notice anything suspicious or unusual:

  • Never involve yourself.
  • Do not alert the subject(s) that you are contacting Police.
  • Never touch any suspicious packages.
  • Make a note of any registration numbers, markings or descriptions.