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Water Rats

Grimsby Water Rats are an open water swimming club, our members range from 12 years old to 70 plus and all abilities from novice and recreational swimmers to serious athletes.

Members meet, train and socialise at the club. We have a wonderful mix of people from English Channel swimmers, and top Tri-athletes to beginners, social swimmers and people just wanting to improve fitness.

As a section of G&C Yacht Club we make use of the facilities of the club house and train in Grimsby’s Royal Docks.

We swim with permission from ABP and have developed rules and procedures in conjunction with them in order to swim safely.

The Club arranges a number of events throughout the year including Humber Bridge group swim, Humber Mouth swims, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve group swims, and our annual open swim event in September which attracts hundreds of swimmers from around the country.

We welcome new members, and like all open water swimmers have a policy of nurturing through friendship and respect.

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